What We Offer

PLUS Career’s unparalleled service is driven by our passion to find the highest quality candidates that match your company.

We work together with you throughout the recruiting process to understand your company’s needs in detail and to screen every applicant to ensure they meet company standards.

Our screening process involves in-person interviews, reference and background checks, and skills testing for all candidates.

Our comprehensive search ensures we find talented candidates nation-wide.

PLUS Career has main branches in 5 different locations and over 500 company connections in finance, accounting, marketing and other industry sectors.

Whether you are trying to fill an internship, or find a temp-to-perm, entry-level or experienced hire, PLUS Career leverages our connections and industry knowledge to provide exceptional candidates for all your staffing needs.

Recruiting Programs

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Entry Level
(recently graduated school)

Companies of all sizes and industries turn to PLUS Career as a source of qualified candidates for their workforce. We have placed more than a thousand students and professionals with companies, and continue to provide a talented pool of interns, entry-level and experienced professionals. PLUS Career has formed strategic partnerships with a number of accredited universities in the United States as well as a vast network of student and professional associations.

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Experienced (at least 2 years or more in the field)

The PLUS Career team works aggressively to pursue highly qualified candidates who can assist your company immediately. Our candidates are pre-screened so they will be a good match for the recommended positions. PLUS Career has access to experienced candidates through our professional and social networking activities. As a subsidiary of COED Group, PLUS Career also has unique access to talented individuals. COED Group’s subsidiaries include KAPLI, one of the top-rated CPA training companies. We screen each of our applicants and work with them to develop their skill-set so that the best qualified applicants are those referred to open positions.

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Experienced (at least 2 years or more in the field)

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Temp to Perm

With our Temp to Perm Program, employers can take the time to experience working with a matched employee and decide if it is the best fit for the company before hiring permanently. This flexibility allows the employer to evaluate the candidate’s qualifications on-site. The team at PLUS Career will work with you throughout the process from fully understanding the needs of your company and requirements for open positions to transitioning the employee to full-time if a good match is made. PLUS Career does not charge employers for temp-to-perm referrals, but we seek to work together with you in the long-term to find the best employees for your available opportunities.

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Our internship program provides companies the opportunity to work with students who are eager to learn about the industry, and provides students valuable insights into the day-to-day life of the career path they are interested in pursuing. PLUS Career has matched thousands of internships, many of which have later led to full-time positions. We do not charge employers for our internship referrals, but would like to work with your company in the long-term to find the best matches for your company. PLUS Career provides company matches for both unpaid (with school credit) and paid internships.

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PLUS Career has developed a strong network of overseas affiliates that can supply experienced and highly motivated applicants to add a wealth of talent, experience and enthusiasm to your organization. Most applicants are bilingual, and are pre-screened for skill and language ability. PLUS Career is a subsidiary of COED Group, which also provides legal counsel to organizations looking to hire international employees, or to professionals looking to work in the U.S.

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