What We Offer

Entrust your job search to PLUS Career’s recruitment experts, who are dedicated to matching your experience and goals with the right opportunity.

Each job search is unique, and PLUS Career’s team takes the time to discuss with you your skill-set and provide personalized service throughout the job-seeking process.

We work with companies across the nation to ensure participants have access to a wide range of job openings.

PLUS Career has main branches in 5 different locations and over 500 company connections in finance, accounting, marketing and other industry sectors.

Whether you are trying to find an internship, temp-to-perm, entry-level or experienced position, PLUS Career leverages our connections and industry knowledge to match you with exceptional opportunities.

*Please see Mentoring Services for more information about ongoing professional development.

Career Search Programs

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Entry Level
(recently graduated school)

If you have recently graduated or are looking for a career change with an entry-level position, PLUS Career has the resources to connect you with companies within your field. With our extensive network and industry knowledge, we have placed thousands of students and professionals with key companies. From the first day, you will have access to our personalized services including: resume revision, mock interviews and resources/tips for career placement. Our dedicated staff will discuss with you about your career goals and make any recommendations, and will be available throughout so that your job application process runs smoothly.

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Experienced (at least 2 years or more in the field)

PLUS Career has the expertise and connections within your industry and the dedication to find you the right position that matches your unique skillset. We work one-on-one with our candidates to discuss your career and personal goals, as well as be a source of knowledge, recommendations and insight into your industry. We have placed thousands of professionals in industries of their choice, and have an extensive network of companies and professionals that make us a key resource in your job search.

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Experienced (at least 2 years or more in the field)

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Temp to Perm

With our Temp to Perm Program, you can first take the time to experience working at a matched company and decide if it is the best fit for you and the employer. This flexibility allows for you to see the day-to-day tasks of the position, and see if they align with your career and professional goals. The team at PLUS Career will work with you in finding a Temp position that will match your skills, as well as help you find another temp position if the original match is not ideal. Once you find a good temp position that is a good fit for both the employer and the employee, PLUS Career will assist in transitioning to a full-time position.

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Our internship program provides students valuable insights and experience in the industry they are interested in working in. Interns work on key projects within the company they are matched with, and are able to see the daily life of the roles that they will later look to apply to after graduation. PLUS Career provides company matches for both unpaid (with school credit) and paid internships.

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If you are an international student looking to work or intern in the US, our international recruiting program promotes cultural exchange while developing the skills and knowledge necessary to work at an American company. PLUS Career assists students with exposure to American cultures, techniques, methodologies, and expertise for proper career placement.

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